Lantern and Wall Security Lights

Security lighting doesn't require flood lights in every fixture. A reasonably bright light next to the door or on a lamppost can do its part to deter intruders. And unlike flood lights, these lights don't just exist to illuminate. They're there for style as well, and there's an amazing array of style to be had.

A simple cast lantern in white or black with six tapered or rectangular panes may be all you need to add a look of understated elegance to your door. Or state the elegance more boldly with a similar lantern in polished brass and with beveled glass. These lamps can either hang downward from the wall mounting or it can rest on an arm that supports it from underneath. This option gives you the chance to have an ornate knob and spire at the top of the lamp. Or if they hang down, they can do so from an elegantly curved arm that adds to the look.

For a different look, you can dispense with the panes and simply have a globe hanging from a metal hood above or resting on a metal base beneath. The globes can be simply round, acorn shaped, bell shaped, shaped in panes with rounded edges, or a simple cylinder. The glass can be clear, seeded, rippled, frosted, tinted, or simply white. Another diffusing effect can be achieved by having the glass ribbed either horizontally or vertically.

The curving support arm can end in a modern pagoda style lantern. A couple of shades are arranged as tiers to reflect the light downward. A small cylindrical globe with a rounded bottom completes the look.

For a more nautical look, the marine lamp or lighthouse lamp may be the way to go. The marine lamp involves a simple bell-shaped hood with a wire guard going around the outside of a simple white globe. The lighthouse lamp starts with a cylindrical globe that has a lighthouse style cap. Then, a little further down, it's ringed with a second shield. In between this shield and the cap, the light shines out like a beacon. Usually, the lower shield doesn't block all light from below but allows the base to shine out as well.

Simple prairie and mission lamps come in a variety of styles, some with the usual four panes, others with more rounded globes but the same clean vertical and horizontal lines.

Some lamps achieve their elegance by mixing the finishes. It's possible to get quite a nice look with a simple alabaster cap supported by a weathered bronze wall mount and supporting a weathered bronze frame. The effect is so striking that the lamp itself doesn't have to be that complicated (although it can be). A simple four-paneled cube is sufficient to show off this beauty.

A wholly different effect can be achieved with a simple four-paneled cube in brushed nickel. The lamp may be structurally quite similar, but suddenly it has left the old world and joined the modern age.

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