Outdoor Security Flood Lights

Outdoor flood lights provide an economical and easy way to enhance security around your home. They can light up your driveway, reach into the shadowy recesses of your yard, or wash a wall with illumination. These lamps come in both line voltage (120v) and low voltage (12v with transformer) varieties. They often come with motion sensors so that they turn on only when they are needed and turn off again anywhere from 10 seconds to 15 minutes later.

Here are some things to look for as you plan your outdoor security flood lighting:

Degree of detection - You want the light's motion detector to have an adequate range of detection. Some come with only 140 degrees. This can be fine for monitoring a driveway. But for the side of your house, you need 200 degrees of detection to make sure the system doesn't have any blind spots.

Range of detection - You also want to make sure that the motion sensor can detect far enough along the wall and far enough out into the area being secured so that it will monitor a sufficiently large area.

Lens shutters - Lens shutters can blank out certain areas for the sensor. This is useful for when the sensor takes in a larger area than you really want to monitor. Passing motorists or a neighbor's dog should not be setting off your security flood lights.

Pan/tilt Adjustment - This is another way to control the direction in which your sensor "looks" for motion. You want to be able to fine tune this after the sensor is installed.

Timer Control - You may wish to have your security flood lights come on for a few minutes or an hour every night, regardless of motion.

Manual Control - You may also wish to be able to turn the lights on and leave them on at your discretion.

Material - Aluminum housings may deteriorate more quickly, even when they have a protective powder coating. Brass and copper may age a little better and provide the longevity that you seek.

Decorative Appeal - Security flood lights don't have to be merely functional. You can find some shaped like mushrooms, seashells, scallops, star fish, and rocks. By day, they look like simple lawn ornaments or small statuary. By night, they provide the security you desire.

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