Incandescent Security Lighting

Incandescent security lights can be used for small, medium, or even large scale lighting needs. The lamps typically burn anywhere from 50 watt to 150 watt bulbs, providing plentiful, warm illumination from a relatively compact fixture.

A typical fixture of this sort has a round plate that can be flush mounted to a wall, ceiling or overhang. Some can even be easily installed with a thumbscrew, circumventing the need for drilled holes. The mounting plate attaches by a sturdy swivel to a standard bullet-shaped floodlight. The light can easily swivel in any direction and should be able to lock in place. Die cast aluminum with a baked enamel finish will give the lamp an elegant yet robust look.

For smaller lighting needs, such as lighting up a work area or a picnic table, select a lamp that holds a 50 watt bulb. For medium lighting needs, such as dramatizing a statue or lighting up a row of bushes, go with 100 watts. And for large lighting needs, such as a patio, driveway or yard, choose the 150 watt option.

Since these fixtures are to be used outside, they ought to be rated as suitable for wet locations. You also want to look for durable, heavy duty construction that can stand the changes of temperature and weather that go with being out of doors. A sturdy fixture should last for years and years without needing any maintenance other than the occasional changing of the bulb.

Another thing to consider with incandescent security lighting is the glare. Look for lamps with good glare shields so they can be directed the way you want them without spreading light where it would be distracting or even dangerous. An accessory hood or visor may assist you in directing the light precisely.

Some incandescent spotlights come with a dual lamp design. The idea is the same as the single lamp design already mentioned. But instead of having a single lamp mounted to the wall plate, two swivel joints, with two lamps are attached. These lamps can be aimed in the same direction to provide double the brightness. Or they can be angled to provide a broader field of light. They can even be aimed in opposite directions to provide two different spots from a single location.

Incandescent lights are not as bright as their halogen counterparts. But some feel that they give a warmer, more natural looking illumination. And in any event, for most applications, these lamps are plenty bright and may be all you need.

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