Halogen Security Flood Lighting

Halogen flood lights provide a quantity of clean bright light in a variety of standard housings. Even the 50 watt versions provide plenty of light to see by. The 300 watt lamps can flood an entire yard or parking lot.

A good halogen flood light will come with a tempered glass lens that should be resistant both to impact and to thermal shock. Since it's likely to be out in the elements, it should be certified for wet conditions.

Since these lamps are bright and hot, you may want to look for features that accommodate those facts. A glare shield will help keep the light directed where you aim it and out of your eyes. A lens or other means of focusing the beam spread will also prove valuable for putting light where you want it and not where you don't. A method of dissipating the heat, such as fins, will extend the lamp life and make it safer to be around as well. Gold plated socket contacts and teflon wires may also extend the lamp life, especially for higher wattage lamps.

A standard model halogen light might have a die cast aluminum housing and a knuckle mounting that allows you to aim the lamp in 9 degree increments. Although this may not give as much flexibility as a continuously aimable lamp, the positioning is more secure and there is much less danger of slippage. Consider this sort of mounting especially for lamps that are likely to get knocked around. However, if you need precision aiming, there are lamps that can accommodate that as well. If the lamp comes with a locking clip, you may be able to have the best of both worlds-precision aiming and a lamp that locks in place once aimed.

These lamps can be attached securely to walls or mounted on posts to spread light across the garden.

The smaller halogen lamps may measure only 6" x 9" x 6" or so. The size can go upward from there, even to a 25" x 10" x 5" lamp with a 1000 watt bulb. There isn't a lot of variation in style for these lamps. They tend to look like boxes or half cylinders with curved reflectors inside. The point of these lamps is not to beautify the area with their own appearance but to flood the area with clean white light.

Care should be taken to mount the lamps far enough away from the ground that they don't burn the grass and far enough away from wooden walls and eves so that those don't catch fire either.

Brass fixtures with copper shields may prove a better bet against the corrosive effects of ground reclamation water and fertilizer. Even if you just live in a coastal region, these fixtures may be the way to go.

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