If you have an outdoor patio or deck where you could place a ceiling light, you will be excited to learn that you have hundreds of great options for dressing up your outdoor area while adding soft lighting. For example, the ceramic and paintable ceiling light is very expressive. These fixtures are usually made with ceramic bisque and then you can choose from designs that are painted or unpainted. For the ones not painted, you can choose colors to match your home.

Another popular choice for outdoor ceiling lighting is the contemporary design. With this, you see a clean, linear look that blends beautifully with a contemporary or country home. These lights are really nice and sold in a multitude of styles. For example, you could choose an exterior semi-flush mount light that has a wonderful band of aluminum around enclosed tubed glass. With this, you have a choice of many different finishes and glass designs.

The craftsman and art deco style of outdoor ceiling light is another wonderful choice. These designs are representative of the early 20th century with handcrafted balance, angular lines, and dark finishes. The original lights were made from the 1920s to 1930s and whether you decide to go with an authentic design or a reproduction, you will love the streamlined, artsy look. In this case, a dual mount would be a lovely addition. You can choose from a flush or hanging mount, which would look beautiful coupled with opalescent art glass and a rich, bronze finish.

For a more rustic look, the iron outdoor ceiling lights are great. These come in iron that is very artistic and made from hand wrought iron or you could go with a country look that would include designs of wildlife. A nice option is the exterior semi-flush mount that has a boxy design enveloped with aluminum. Now, a functional outdoor light is not just practical but attractions. Out of all the outdoor light options, this is usually the most affordable.

The great thing about functional lighting is that while it is more on the simplistic side, it still has character. For instance, you could choose from a polypropylene reflector, perfect for fluorescent bulbs or an aluminum reflector that would be used with incandescent bulbs. The finishes vary as well where you could choose a plain, smooth finish or go with something a little nicer such as a matte finish.

Two other great choices for outdoor lighting are the traditional design and the transitional design. With traditional lighting, you would enjoy fixtures that are reminiscent of the past. These lights generally have soft, curved brass or pewter detailing. With the transitional outdoor ceiling light, you enjoy a fixture that is a cross between traditional and contemporary. Although the styles are not as formal as the more elegant and sophisticated designs, you still enjoy clean lines with personality.

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