Decorative Solar Garden Lighting

Solar garden lighting doesn't have to be merely functional. Sometimes you don't just want to shed light on something else. You want the light itself to be part of the beauty. It's easy to find a wide variety of lights that can help you accomplish this task.

For example, you can find a clear cracked glass globe that mounts atop a stainless steel garden stake. This globe can be clear, amber, blue, or red to provide just the accent you desire.

If a globe doesn't suit you, other lights can come in the form of flowers. A yellow calla lily may be just the accent you are looking for. Any of these decorative lamps can emit a breathtaking glow that transforms your landscape, gives a magical look to your birdbath or pond, or beautifully complements your shrubs.

And even though you are purchasing these lamps for their decorative appeal, they can be functional and economical as well. These lamps can show where obstacles and trip hazards are, warning the nighttime traveler. They do all this without adding a penny to your electric bill. Nor do they deplete precious natural resources or add to the pollution in the air.

Decorative solar lights have other advantages over their wired counterparts. The most obvious, of course, is that they don't have wires. That means there's nothing to run from your house to where the light is. There's nothing to bury or trip over or accidentally cut with gardening tools. Just stick the lamp where you want it to go and you're done.

This also means that as your garden changes, your lighting can easily change alongside it. If a bush grows wider, move the light farther out. As flowers bloom at different times and seasons, move the lights to display whatever is at its peak beauty. For a wedding reception or garden party, temporarily relocate them to wherever you need a little extra light.

No wires also means no transformers. Low voltage lights require a bulky transformer that has to be hidden close enough to the lambs so you don't experience voltage drop but out of the way so they don't detract from the composition.

Solar lamps come with their own sunlight detectors to turn them on automatically at night. There's no need to attach or set a bulky timer.

The LED lights that come with these lamps can last for over 100,000 maintenance-free hours. So put them wherever you want, then relax and enjoy!

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