Plastic Solar Outdoor Lighting

Plastic solar outdoor lighting can come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Although not as durable as their metal counterparts, plastic fixtures can provide the same variety and range of looks. It's a good idea to place your plastic fixtures where they're not likely to take a lot of punishment from being bumped into.

You can find a plastic fixture in the shape of a globe that sits atop a simple one foot post. For added effect, the globe can be etched like crystal and have a molded-in refractor. This will have a scattering effect on the light that can be pleasant to look at. The globe itself can be clear or white for a more natural effect, or it can be amber for a softer, more subdued look. A simple glare shield at the top of this globe will keep the light from shining up into the eyes of passersby.

Solar lights can also come in the form of a classic hanging lantern. The lantern may have six panels separated by ribs. It can be topped off with a short, bell-like cap that flutes out into a hexagon to meet those panels. The panels themselves may be made of clear plastic or again, of amber, for the softer more muted effect. The plastic may be rippled slightly, again to present a softer effect, even with white light. A traditional graphite finish will complete the look.

These hanging lanterns may be hung from 27-inch poles with "shepherd's hooks" or simply installed on a 9-inch riser.

For a simpler look, you can find a durable plastic post top light. Typically, this will have four panels to make it square, like the 4X4 post that it sits on top of. A white LED and perhaps some brass accents in the frame will complete the elegant simplicity of this lamp.

More complicated lamps are also available, perhaps in a pewter finish to give them an outdoor look. Most lamps can be hung from a shepherd's hook, mounted on a short riser, or simply used as instantly moveable tabletop lights.

A final basic look would be the solar tier light. These lamps come with glare shields in two or three tiers, usually around a simple cylinder in amber or white. The shields direct the light downward toward steps or a pathway. The posts are short and easy to install, and the lamps are sufficiently powerful to outline a darkened area.

So, whatever your solar lighting needs, you're sure to find a durable plastic fixture that can accommodate those needs and beautify your landscape at the same time.

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