Metal Solar Outdoor Lighting

One of the basic uses for an outdoor solar light is the cast metal post light. These lights look like traditional post lanterns with broad, flat tops that can catch a lot of sun. A good, 12-inch top will give over 50 square inches of solar panel a chance to collect plenty of energy during the day. This can easily keep a 1 watt LED powered all night long. The framing is constructed of cast metal to hold in place a UV inhibited acrylic globe. These lamps can easily be used to retrofit existing 120v post lamps.

For a little more elegance, a caged lantern can bring traditional charm to walkway or garden. More durable than their plastic counterparts, these metal lanterns have the same versatility in terms of fixtures. They can be hung from a simple shepherd's hook or mounted on a 9 or 12-inch riser.

If you prefer a rustic look, try a metal Mission or Prarie style light. Constructed of simple rectangular panels that join to form larger rectangular faces, these lamps can add a simple country charm. An even more rustic look can be achieved with a lantern shaped light-a simple globe in a simple wire cage. All these choices can be mounted just like their more ornate counterparts.

For a more modern look, a metal solar flare light may be the answer. This light can come with an inverted metal bowl at the top. The simplicity of design can be accented by concentric circles on the top of the bowl, or vertical lines running down its side.

Another standard look is the metal walk light. A simple cap mounts atop a simple globe that flutes inward a bit toward the bottom. Set atop short posts, these walk lights can provide illumination for a path without sending glare up into your eyes. A graphite finish with a white LED is a popular way to achieve this look.

A two or three-tiered fixture can accomplish the same effect with a different look. The tiers, sticking out from the edge of the globe, are extremely effective at keeping the glare from traveling up into your eyes. They also keep the light from wandering off in other directions where it won't be useful. Angled downward, these tiers catch the light and send it directly toward the path.

And of course you can get decorative designs, meant to draw attention to themselves in addition to providing needed light. A metal solar light with a floral design in art deco styling may be just the thing to enhance the look of your garden, blending an artificial plant in among the real ones.

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