Because many people are confused about the different shapes and sizes of outdoor lighting as well as what these differences do, we decided to dedicate an article to helping clarify. Remember that each person has different needs so when buying outdoor lighting you want to keep the purpose of the lighting in mind. For instance, you might need lighting for security or perhaps to enhance your outdoor swimming pool, or you might want walkway lights to help guide you along your way.

Let us look at the adjustable spot light. This particular type of outdoor lighting is low voltage and produces a very clear, sharp halogen illumination that is ideal for landscape lighting or enhancing architectural features of the home. You can purchase these lights in many different finishes such as stainless steel, black, or even copper.

You could also go with low voltage pillar lighting, which is great for casting a clear illumination for up and down the exterior surface of a home or office. This type of lighting has a contemporary flair that works well in garden designs or for enhancing architectural features. Again, you can choose from a number of different finishes, depending on the look you like.

Now, a unique type of outdoor lighting is called the eyelid starlight. If you were to look at this light, it does look just like an eye with a half-closed eyelid. Made in solid copper, the appearance is very smart. Many people wanting great looking landscape will choose the eyelid because it is so unique and maximizes pathways or stairs perfectly.

Next, there is the square starlight, which is a wonderful choice for walkways and stairs. This too is designed in solid copper and looks perfect on walls to produce soft illumination. The lens is square and fashionable, and again considered very modern. This comes in both surface mount and recessed options.

Another good choice is an adjustable pillar light with twin spotlights. For this, you can use the light under verdigris, which produces a type of rustic lighting. You can turn the lights in any direction you like, focusing on a garden pond, statuary, or outdoor plants and trees. You could also go with a twin pillar, which has an impressive look and halogen light. You can use this particular type of lighting again for landscaping or architectural enhancement.

If you want outdoor lighting that is super easy to install, you might consider the all steel recessed light. This light is great for producing light over a garage area or outside walls around the home. Made so the light can be angled up to 25 degrees, the light is highly functional with a modern appearance. Other popular shapes include the following:

* Tier Lights - 11 watt unit with a soft diffused look, perfect for borders and walkways

* Bollards Lamps - Post like fixtures that are great around garden borders or walkways, casts light in 360 degrees and measures about 16 inches tall

* Hanging Lamps - Perfect for over gazebo roofs, trellises, and patios, tulip shaped with a 12-volt bulb

* Surface Mount Deck Light - Ideal for the outside edge of steps to provide a soft 7-watt light for safety and guidance

* Mushroom Lamps - Unique, this type of lamp looks great amidst plants and flower beds, directing all the light toward the ground with a 15-watt bulb

* Shrub Light - Used as a well light, mounting in the ground to focus on the desired are with a 20-watt

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