Wall mounted lights also come in a huge variety of shapes and styles. One basic thing to consider is whether you are choosing them only for security or for decoration as well.

Function and Placement

Security is a basic function that wall mounted lamps perform better than the hanging or the post mounted variety. If all you want is security, choose a lamp that shines a bright light over a wide area. Look for an outdoor floodlight with a motion detector and at least 150 watt halogen bulb. The motion detector should have a sensor range of 180 degrees and at least 30 feet.

Security floodlights should be mounted on a wall or roof in such a way that the sensors are not obstructed. Make sure the lamp will have a good line of sight in all directions. Avoid placing it next to bushes or in recessed portions of the wall.

Other wall-mounted lights are purchased primarily for decoration, though security may be a secondary function. The most common placement for these lights is on either side of a door.

Many wall-mounted lamps stay flush against their fixtures. A flatter lamp can even be so flush it appears to be part of the wall itself.

But you can also find fixtures with arms. The lamp then hangs from this arm or sits atop it. This can add a three-dimensional effect, allowing the viewer to take in more of the lamp's beauty from all sides. Extending the lamp away from the wall can also allow it to shed better light on a recessed doorway. The light will shine onto the door rather than across the front, bathing your doorway in shadows.


As with other lamps, you can seek anything from a rustic or old world look to simple elegance to clean contemporary lines. Choose a finish and a style that will not clash with the look of your door and windows.


The price of wall mounted lights can vary widely depending on the design and complexity. Security spotlights can range from $25 to more than $100, largely depending on the strength of the lamp and the sensitivity of the motion detector.

Decorative lamps can be had for under $100 as well. But for something sturdy enough to withstand the elements and not need replacing for a while, consider something in the $100 to $150 range. The prices can go up from there as the designs become more complicated or artistic.

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