Outdoor Lighting Fixtures - Hanging

Hanging fixtures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. You will almost certainly be able to find something that fits in with your design scheme.


You can choose from a variety of different finishes for your hanging fixtures. A simple black-whether matte or polished-can give an elegant look. For something lighter, a beige or white finish will do the trick.

Metal finishes are also popular. A pewter finish can give the lamp an old-fashioned, rustic look. So can an aged copper or antique brass. For shinier surfaces that reflect the light, try a polished brash or polished copper. Brushed steel or rough iron provide their own allure.


The glass itself can also come in a variety of styles. A simple, clear glass can let the most light out and also display ornate bulbs. A rippled glass can provide an artistic effect. Or the glass can be frosted to reduce the glare and provide a muted beauty. Semi-opaque glass is also available in many different colors and patters. You can find a plain color such as light blue or yellow or look for smoky swirls, abstract designs, flowers, fruits, birds, lighthouses, etc.

Shapes and Casings

Again, you can find all sorts of different looks to hold the glass in place. Ornate cast iron may provide the look you want. Or you may prefer an antique lantern look, or a street lamp effect. The whole lamp may be a single ball or cylinder of glass. Or the glass may be held in as panels, structured by metal ribs. The panels may be beveled at any angle or joined at right angles for a square look.

The tops of the lamps may have ornate hoods or simple caps. They may curve like a bell, swoop like a pagoda, or come down straight as a simple triangle or rectangle. The bottoms may be as simple as a pane of glass or as ornate as wrought iron that tapers to a point or a ball.

Bulbs and Chains

The bulbs inside may be of the candelabra style for a more old-fashioned look. Or they may be small balls for cleaner lines. Some hanging lamps will take regular household bulbs as well.

Hanging lamps generally come with a chain that matches the look and finish. The chain can be anywhere from 2 feet to more than 10 feet in length. Check to make sure the chain will be long enough for your purposes.

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