Flood lights are often called security lights simply because of the amount of light produce. With flood lights, an entire yard can be illuminated, which is perfect for protection. Many times, people will go with a dual flood light. With this, you literally have two lights onto one fixture, which gives you twice the light coverage. Another popular choice for a flood light is one that has a sensor. If you want the light for protection, then the sensor would go off anytime someone approached the house. Once that person was within a certain distance, the flood light would come on automatically.

Solar flood lights have also become very popular choices. In this case, you do not have the stress of wiring that you would have for installation with the standard type light. However, the halogen bullet flood light is a common style seen on all house designs. With this, you would enjoy a pebbled glass lens that has a twist on face frame, making the changing of the bulb quick and easy. This particular light also has an all-metal construction for durability.

You will also commonly see a 200-watt halogen double bullet flood light, as mentioned. With this light, you would also enjoy the pebbled glass lens on both lights and the same strong, durable metal construction. You might also consider the 150-watt mini halogen flood light, which is perfect for something a little more inconspicuous without giving up the light and protection. With this flood light, you have the same pebbled glass lens, all-metal construction, and a solid monitoring plate. This too comes in a double flood light design and can be mounted on the ceiling or wall.

For a little more power, there is the 250-watt mini halogen light. This design has what is called the eyebrow frame, which is stylish and helps focus the light better. The glass lens are pebbled, the construction made from all metal, and you would receive a limited warranty. Then the 300-watt flood light, also with the eyebrow frame is another option. With this flood light, you would use the mounting arm with 1/2-inch IPS thread.

Remember, because there are so many different designs on the market today, no matter the style of your home, a flood light will enhance it. The great thing is that flood lights can be used for city homes, with the beam focused on the yard and not neighbor's home, or you could use a flood light in the country to protect both the home and any outbuildings. Because flood lights are affordable and easy to install, you will find many people choosing to have one in the front, one in the back, and then one out at a detached garage.

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