Transitional Outdoor Lighting

Transitional lighting can incorporate all the affects of traditional lighting while adding some of its own as well. A transitional style light can include a square or six-sided lamp made of panels, a globe rounded at the bottom, or any of a number of other basic effects.

To add a bit of style, you can take a traditional cylindrical globe, rounded at the bottom and put it in a polished glass wall fixture. The fixture will reflect the light outward and give you two lamps for the price of one.

For a more understated look, go with antique nickel. You can get the same basic cylinder with rounded bottom. But the glass doesn't have to be merely clear or seeded. It can have vertical furrows in it so that the light is diffused in fascinating ways.

Or make the glass satin etched white, but again, it doesn't have to be simple and smooth. Design variations in the surface can make a large difference. Vertical patterns are usually more pleasing and easier to discern than horizontal. A white glass globe that looks a bit like an acorn. The cap to the acorn can also be ornate and artful, connected to a curving arm that attaches the whole thing to a wall sconce.

Alternatively use a similar design, but this time with clear glass. Ornament the glass with iron work in ovals across the surface and ribbons along the top.

A transitional style can take a traditional hanging lamp and put a contemporary twist to it. Simply flattening it a little so that it is slightly chubby may give it the look you're hoping for. Dividing it into five panels instead of the expected four or six may also provide just a touch of the unexpected. Using white glass rather than clear or seeded may add to the effect.

Or consider another traditional basic-the post mounted lamp. Often, this consists of 6 panes of glass that taper outwards from the base, all surmounted by an ornate black dome with a ball or spire on top. The ribs that hold the panes in place go straight up and out.

But this effect can be varied simply by putting a slight crook in those ribs as they go up and out. At the halfway point, the lamp flares just slightly more than you expect it to. To add to the effect, make the cap to the lamp out of glass as well, allowing light to shine out the top. And as mentioned with the hanging lamp, the effect can be subtly enhanced by using five panels instead of the expected four or six.

For a more immediately obvious effect, get a football shaped globe in clear optic glass, etched in a diamond grid pattern. Put a flourish of brass leaves or foliage at the top to give the effect of a lighted pineapple. In general, a metal leaf or even a bird can provide the extra something that pushes a lamp from being merely traditional to having the transitional look you desire.

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