Traditional Outdoor Fixtures

Traditional outdoor fixtures come in more shapes and sizes than can easily be described. Most of these varieties can, with a few variations, be had as post mounted, wall mounted, or hanging lamps.

One traditional look would be a post mounted lamp with hammered decorative glass in four rounded panes. This can look rather like an elongated glass acorn in shape. It can be topped off with a bronze cap that is ornamented in any number of ways. A simple ball or a rounded spire, perhaps. Mounted on a wall bracket, a similar lamp would have a metal arm attached to the top and the ball or rounded spire would complete the underside. This also works for a hanging lamp.

The wall mounted lamp can go one step further, though. It can have a metal arm attached to the bottom as well, supporting the lamp from above and below. Or remove the support from above and support the lamp on an ornately curving arm that comes up from underneath.

The globe doesn't have to be divided into panes. It can be a continuous glass structure, fluting a bit at the top. Or it can be more of an hourglass or vase shape, tapering in toward the center and then back out again. The opposite effect is also possible with a globe that tapers out slightly and then back in. And the cap doesn't have to be solid metal. It can be glass as well, divided into panes so that a metal structure can give it some stability at its peak.

A huge array of curlicues and filigree can add interest and depth to any of the joins. Similarly ornate designs can be added to the sconces, the supports, and across the panes themselves.

A variation on this basic look changes the panes from rounded to flat. They still taper downward from the top and have either a square (for four panes) or hexagonal (for six panes) cap at the tope. The four paned lamps can have almost a birdhouse look to them. And the four panes can themselves be divided by a vertical and horizontal line through the center into four smaller panes on each side. Of they can be divided by more complicated curlicues, like wrought iron, coming in from the corners and meeting in the middle.

Put three of these lamps atop a post supported by curving metal arms for a lovely effect.

Often, traditional lamps are made to look like wrought iron and so are painted black. But the same lamps can give a different, still traditional look in brass or white. The glass is often hammered or rippled to mute the light and give it a softer look. The bulbs within the lamp are usually candelabra style bulbs to give the look of a burning flame within.

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