Rustic and Lodge look Outdoor Fixtures

Many of the traditional, mission, and arts and crafts looks also work well in a rustic or lodge look setting. The goal in this case is to choose the sturdiest and roughest fixtures that you can fine. You don't have to get rid of all ornamentation, but the ornamentation should look rugged and hand-forged.

The simple mission lamp is a good way to achieve this look. With a flat or simply peaked cap and four flat panes of glass, this lamp can make the perfect sturdy-looking accent for your mountain lodge. Dividing the panes by metal ribs can add to the effect by making the whole thing look more sturdy without looking overly refined.

Copper or hand-forged iron may be your best bet in terms of material, though brass, bronze, and brushed aluminum can also provide the rugged simplicity that you're looking for.

Even a lodge can have some elegance, though. Just make sure that elegance looks like something that could be achieved by a competent country craftsman rather than an assembly line in the city. A blown glass ball with a bronze cap hanging from a bronze wall mounting can look marvelous while continuing the rustic lodge theme.

On the other hand a simple wall mounted lamp made along the same lines as a birdhouse may provide the rustic simplicity you're looking for. Have the sides of the "birdhouse" flare out slightly to add to the effect and provide a slightly wider pool of light.

Here are some additional styles to be had that will help give that mountain cabin feel as well.

A bronze finish lamp with dark amber glass is a typical way to go to get this look. The glass can have designs etched into it or laid over it in bronze. A simple pine cone or a totemic animal like a bear can add to the rustic charm.

Other lamps can be made to look like hand-forged iron. The finish will be rough and rugged with visible rivets and ribs that look like you bent them in place yourself. The seeded glass provides a touch that makes the whole ensemble look as though it was made by hand. A simple construction-square or at the most six-side-will add to the rustic charm.

If you want to go all out, you can even get an actual gas light. The lamp can run off natural gas or butane, providing the flickering beauty of a real flame to make the rustic look complete.

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