Post lantern lighting for outdoors has been a popular choice for millions of people. If you were to look back to the 1960s and 1970s, you would have seen post lighting in most yards. Today, this style of outdoor lighting is still just as classy as before but now with hundreds of new designs that complement any style of home.

The contemporary/modern style of post lantern lights is one of the favorites in that the finishes are clean and beautiful. While you can choose from a number of choices, the chrome and brushed nickel are big sellers. With these lights, the lines are clean and elegant. The post mount is an example, which is a simple design designed with textured architectural bronze. This particular light is 21 inches tall and 15 inches wide.

The craftsman, art deco, and retro post lantern lights are definitely unique and exciting. Reflecting the styles from the early 20th century, you would find balance, rich finishes, and angular lines. Many times, these lights have shiny finishes and interesting geometric patterns. One of the most popular choices in this series is the weathered bronze, one-light post mount. Coupled with a smoky or honey glass, this light enriches the look of both home and yard.

The iron and rustic is another great look when it comes to a post lantern outdoor light. The fixtures are designed as simplistic styles or they might feature various country motifs. In addition to the styles mentioned, you will also find gorgeous designs in traditional that offer elegance and timeless appeal. Then the transitional designs are a mix of contemporary and traditional. With this style, you can choose from a lighting fixture that is simple or one very ornate. Regardless of the option you go with, post lantern outdoor lighting will never go out of style.

The great thing is that you can position post lantern lights so they provide light for security, enhancement of landscaping, and light by which to see. Additionally, this type of outdoor lighting is very affordable. If you are not sure the type of finish you want, you can always choose the post that can be painted. Therefore, while you might start off with a bronze finish, if you get tired you can always paint over it, giving the fixture an entirely different look.

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