Most people know what a wall sconce is but think of this type of lighting for indoor use only. In truth, outdoor wall sconces have become very popular in that they can be placed about anywhere, they are up and out of the way, and they look amazing! With outdoor wall sconces, you have a multitude of options just as you would indoor sconces.

For example, you can choose a wonderful cylindrical design that has a unique cutout design. With this, you get lighting to see while also creating a subtle ambience. This type of wall sconce is perfect for a quiet patio or deck area where you want to use just a small amount of lighting while also adding a touch of elegance.

Ceramic sconces and those that can be painted are also a nice choice. These are usually a little more simplistic in design but very classy. You can choose ceramic bisque, which can be painted anyway you want. Whether you want something bright and bold or soft and elegant, you choose. Keep in mind that this particular type of wall sconce is also available in a pre-finish with you choosing from a rainbow of color.

Contemporary styles are also popular since they can work with so many different house styles. These sconces generally come with finishes such as chrome and brushed nickel, which is gorgeous. Another fun and popular style is the craftsman and art deco style. These sconces have been around for a long time and are reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s. With both craftsman and art deco, you will see balanced, angular lines, beautiful art glass designs, and wonderful finishes.

The functional type wall sconces are just that. These wall sconces are very simple in design but economically priced. If you need light on a patio or deck but you prefer lights without fuss, this would be the ideal choice. Now, for an outdoorsy look, something rustic, then you might consider an iron sconce. In many times, these sconces will have some type of hand-wrought design that represents nature and the backcountry.

For many people, they want light outdoors all the time but do not want the high cost of running it 24x7. In this case, a photo cell or energy efficient outdoor sconce would work. These fixtures are designed with integral photo cells that automatically turn the light on once the sun goes down and then turns it off as the sun rises. However, other options for outdoor sconces include the traditional light, which is very classy and usually has beautiful, ornamental designs with brass or pewter finishes. Finally, for a sconce that combined elegance of the past and modern, the transitional outdoor sconce is a wonderful choice.

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