If you are like most homeowners, you want your home to look great on the inside and outside. To create something dynamic outdoors, a real visual appeal to your home, then you should consider outdoor lighting design. Landscape lighting has long been used to enhance one or several areas of a person's home on the outdoors and with the options available today, you can create amazing things.

The nice thing about the outdoor lighting designs available today is that they can create pure distinction from your home to another, whether up close or from down the block. This type of lighting is ideal for walkways, front or porches and decks, plants and trees, windows, whatever you like. The result is a beautiful home that gives your home depth and a rich appearance. The easiest way would be for us to break this down into different aspects.

First, you have the perspective, which is what makes your home look three-dimension due to shades and shadows of the lighting system. Many times, this type of lighting can be used as transitional lighting. That means that instead of seeing light only when you enter the home, you would drive up to the home, have gradual lighting that leads you from dark to lighter to lighter and then into the lighted home.

Next are the focal points, which would be things again such as trees, plants, windows, doors, driveways, etc. For this, you want to create a vision that allows the eyes to move from one focal point to another with ease. That means you could have gentle lighting along the driveway that then leads to another focal point of statuary somewhere between the driveway and the porch, then another focal point to a stained glass window by the front door, and then eventually to the porch light itself. With this, the person would literally be guided along an experience, simply with landscape lighting design.

Next is quality and direction, which allows you to choose the size and shape of the light fixture so you have a narrow light path or something broad that spans out over a large area. You could place the outdoor lighting in front or behind something, using both the beam shape and spread, use diffusers, and even colored light to create a magnificent canvas.

For instance, if you use down lighting, you create a natural, almost romantic appearance, up lighting creates drama and a mystical look, side lighting is also drama but adds definition and texture, back lighting is mysterious and understated, and then finally front lighting is defining and ethereal. A few other tips include using narrow beams if you want drama on a particular structure such as a piece of statuary and to soften the edges of the beam, you can use different diffusion or colored lens. The bottom line is that with outdoor lighting design, the possibilities to enhance the look of your home are endless.

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