Pendant lights are lights that hang, which are often seen in place of the older style track lighting, over dining room tables, in offices, in entry ways or foyers, and other places where additional lighting is needed. Because pendant lighting is so functional and looks amazing, they have now moved outdoors to become very popular choices. Because of the growth in popularity, outdoor hanging lights come in some incredible designs, as you will discover.

Take the contemporary designs that you see in the marketplace today. The nice thing about modern, outdoor lighting is that it blends in beautifully with any home style and yard decor. In other words, just because you might have a Cape Cod or Victorian style home does not mean you should automatically overlook the possibilities of contemporary lighting.

With the contemporary pendant lighting, you see very, minimal design and an almost futuristic style. The finishes are sleek and usually a nice chrome or brushed nickel. Although the modern style light is not for everyone, it does create a certain level of sophistication and elegance that you simply cannot get with other styles of hanging lights.

Although most people think of hanging lights as clean lined, you can choose a rustic or iron style that enhances the natural beauty of the outdoors. For instance, the iron hanging lights are made from wrought iron and often feature designs of animals or nature. With the rustic style light, the motifs are usually something such as bear, deer, or elk.

The craftsman and art deco style outdoor lighting has always been a favorite in that the designs are classy while offering a natural and simply look. The designs are streamlined and stylized, the glass filled with magnificent geometric shapes, and the finishes shiny and bright. Like the contemporary style lighting, the craftsman and art deco goes with any type home or yard!

Probably the two most commonly seen styles of hanging outdoor lighting are the traditional and transitional. The traditional style is pure elegance without going over the top. Usually, you would find warm toned finishes such as pewter, brass, or dark metals and the arms are graceful. The traditional light is loaded with decorative detail that can enhance any outdoor area. Finally, the transitional hanging light is a cross between old and new. This design has many wonderful qualities and while not as formal as some of the other styles, it is none the less a great choice.

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