Transitional Outdoor Landscape Accent Lighting

Transitional accent lights come in a variety of colors. Beech, spruce, and verdigris take their place alongside black and white. The surfaces tend to be textured and often have clean lines, either vertical or horizontal. The small ones, suitable for mounting on deck railings, can look like miniature lampshades. Others look like small buttons with semi-circular hoods to direct the light downward. Some even come with special shields to allow the light to travel out a few inches before being reflected downward onto steps.

Transitional style accent lights can also include small well lights. These can come with reversible support sleeves to allow them to be flush-mounted and used for uplighting or recessed and used for angled lighting effects. These can come with glare shields that also protect the light from scratches and debris.

The spotlights in the transitional style can look pretty much the same as those in the contemporary style. Generally they are basic cylinders attached to adjustable mountings so they can be angled. These types can have a convenient lip on one side that shields the light and ensures that it only goes in the desired direction.

Other transitional accent lights can accomplish spotlighting, but with a more interesting look. Shaped like shells or shallow cones, they can be staked directly into the ground. Or they can be attached to 12, 18, or 24-inch posts for a more dramatic effect. They can be swiveled skyward to provide a dramatic uplighting effect or downward to illuminate a path or steps.

Still other accent lights are designed to be built into a brick wall. Shielded with louvers, they create a low, even spread of light along pathways and the side of the house. These lights may only be used with masonry or concrete.

Accent lights are also well-suited to display the beauty of your pond. Made to look like shells or lily pads, they provide a low level illumination that gets diffused through the surrounding water.

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