After putting in a beautiful garden, you want to do all you can to make it look absolutely magnificent. During the day, you have the color of the plants and flowers but at night, the garden disappears into the night. However, with gardening lighting, it does not have to. In fact, you can enhance the appearance of your garden, completely transforming its appearance simply by adding lights.

One of the most popular types of lights is called a tier light. With this, you would use an 11-watt bulb that helps by producing a soft, romantic glow. The design of the tier light is with bands that add a unique appearance. Typically, people use tiered lighting to provide gentle illumination along a border of a garden or down a walkway that can help guide steps. At 24 inches tall, the tier lighting is weather resistant and durable.

Next, the bollard lamp is very attractive with its post-shape. Perfect for lining a driveway, walkway, or garden border, the bollard creates a distinctive look in both day and night. The fixture is designed to cast lighting full 360-degrees or you could go with a half lens that spreads out over 180 degrees. Standing 16 inches tall, this type of garden light is made from aluminum with a cast aluminum cap.

A very attractive type of garden light is one that hangs, similar to what you would find indoors. These lights are great for lighting a gazebo, the roof of a patio, or perhaps a garden trellis. In fact, you could even use this type of garden lighting from a tree branch. Often in the shape of a tulip, these lights are about six inches tall and use a 27-watt bulb.

Now, if you have trouble seeing your way up and down stairways during the night, you can add special fixtures designed to mount to the outside of the steps. With this, the 7-watt bulb provides just enough light to see without too much glow. Called a Mariner light, this is a perfect option for lighting your way to ensure you do not miss a step and fall.

You might also consider a flood or spot light, which uses a 35-watt halogen light. For about $15, this type of light is adjustable so you can focus the beam wherever you like. In addition, the flood or spotlight produces a nice shadowing effect that creates drama and mystery to your garden. Finally, solar lights have become very popular since they use the sunlight to convert to electricity so you have light at night. With this, you are not using any energy at all and yet can still enjoy the soft glow of a 5-watt bulb. In addition, some of these solar lights are designed with built-in motion detectors for added safety and security.

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