Landscape Light Kits

Landscape lighting kits put everything you need to create and set up an effective lighting scheme into a single package. The kit typically comes with a list of items that are used to implement the lighting concept or scheme. The kit should come with the following:

  • A low voltage transformer of sufficient wattage to handle all the bulbs that will be powered.
  • Enough wiring to allow you to place the components at reasonable distance from the transformer and reasonable distances from each other.
  • Connectors so that the components may be attached.
  • The appropriate bulbs for the lamps along with the lamps themselves.

In other words, the kit should contain everything you need, along with instructions, so that you can set the whole system up without needing to add anything of your own.

It is desirable that the kit should be rated as suitable for wet locations and that the light bulbs should have non-corrosive sockets.

A typical kit will contain anywhere from two to six lamps and should cost between $80 and $150.

The simplest kits will contain identical lamps, each one serving the same purpose. Those purposes may range from lighting pathways or decks, to spotlighting flower beds or trees. Some kits will have more than one style of lamp, allowing you to provide spotlighting and accenting from the same box.

There are more decorative kits as well. Some have strings of lamps made to look like rocks. Placed in the flower bed, they give illumination to their surroundings while appearing to simply be part of the landscape. Variations on this theme will include mushrooms, frogs, or even small kittens.

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