Flood Up and Wash Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Larger and brighter than most outdoor lights, floodlights are used to wash entire walls with light, to bring out the beauty of trees, and to show off large expanses of lawn or garden. Because of their brightness, floodlights are often used for security as well. A well-placed floodlight can do away with the darkened areas of your yard.

There isn't a lot of variety in the way floodlights look. They're generally too bright to be seen anyway. But you can get them in the usual materials-polished or antique copper, architectural bronze, pewter, aluminum. They can come with a sand finish as well to help them blend in even more.

Usually they are basic cylinders, often with lips at the top to keep the light from shining directly upward into the eyes of passersby. However, you can also find some in a saucer shape, like a shallow bowl washing the area with light. You can find them in rectangular shapes as well. You can even find floodlights made to look like garden rocks. These lamps blend in perfectly while sending a wash of light across flower bed or lawn.

A powerful floodlight will use a 50-watt halogen bulb. A standard one will be more likely to use 35 watts or even 20. These floodlights are powerful enough to enhance the security and safety of your home while adding beauty to your landscape. Even a floodlight with a 10-watt bulb can produce a surprising amount of light.

A standard design attaches the hooded lamp to a simple stake that drives into the ground. The attachment is in the form of a hinge so that the direction of the light can be adjusted. Adjusted properly, these floodlights can highlight your home's architecture or show off the landscape.

A less versatile design functions as a well light, submerged in the ground. This sort of floodlight cannot be angled easily, but it has its uses. Placed directly under a tree or at the edge of a wall, it can provide a wash of light that displays the beauty of these large objects.

Some floodlights even come with a zoom-focus lends. A simple flick of the wrist can adjust this lamp from flood to spot or anything in between. This makes it easy to adjust how much of an area you wish to illuminate without having to find the perfect spot to place the lamp.

If you have a garden pond, you can find floodlights designed specifically for underwater use. Shining a light on a pond from above can only illuminate the glassy surface. A floodlight coming from underneath the water can add a third dimension to the view, showing off the contours of the pond.

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