Path Tier and Accent Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

There are many different ways to light your pathways and tiers or otherwise provide accents to your outdoor lighting.

One way is the traditional bollard light. Looking like the post around which a boatman throws his rope, bollard lights are sturdy and compact. They set up easily and they aren't top heavy. Light reflects from an internal, inverted cone that will easily illuminate pathways and steps.

The mushroom light is a simple variation on this theme. It's also basically a compact cylinder, but the shade at the top spreads out a bit, allowing the light to be directed more effectively. In a larger version, these mushroom lights can function as flare lights, sending out rings of illumination.

The walklight design is also an attractive option. A simple glass or plastic shade sits on top of a short post. The glass can be frosted or rippled, decorated or plain. The shade can be capped off in a number of ways-anything from a simple inverted bowl to scalloped metal with an ornate knob

For an effect that draws more attention, try hanging lights. These lights come in all shapes and sizes. They generally have thin posts that curve so that the actual lamp hangs from a hook at the top. Hanging lights can come in traditional shapes with four or six glass panels that are frosted or clear. The mission style hanging lights will be square shaped, often with yellow panels to add an accent and a look of antiquity.

Tiered lights can add an elegant effect to the garden or pathway as well. The glass or plastic shade is cylindrical and surrounded by metal tiers that catch the light as it comes out and direct it downward toward the path or ground. This protects walkers from upward glare, allowing them to see where they're going and to appreciate the beauty of the lighting design. Tiered lights often come in polished metals such as copper or brass to maximize this beauty through reflection.

The traditional tulip light is also popular. The post curves around to end in a metal flower that houses the bulb. These lights can blend in with the theme of a garden pathway while shedding light on the subject at the same time.

To play with expectations, you can even get lights shaped like indoor lamps. Their sturdy metal shades will withstand the elements while looking similar to something you might have next to your armchair in the living room.

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