Easy Installation with Outdoor Solar Lighting

There really isn't a lot to know about installing outdoor solar lighting. That's because installation is ridiculously easy, especially if you're installing it in the ground. You can install your solar lighting using the following steps. No tools are required:

1. Select the place where you want to install the solar light. Basically, anywhere on the ground where a stake can be driven in will work. You want to avoid installing the light underneath a tree, next to a wall, fence, or shrubs, or anywhere else where the solar cell will not have direct, constant exposure to sunlight. (Don't worry if your area happens to be overcast a lot of the time. Today's solar cells are perfectly capable of gaining a full charge even on cloudy days.)

2. Remove your chosen solar light from its packaging and put it together. This can be a snap. Literally. If it's not put together already, your solar light will have at most three pieces. The first piece is the lamp itself. The second piece is the post. The third piece is a pointed plastic stake that can be driven into the ground. They go together in the obvious way. Snap or screw the post into the pointed plastic stake. Then snap or screw the other end into the solar lamp. Now your solar light is assembled.

3. Stick the lamp in the ground. This should be as easy as grasping the post with your hand, putting the point of the stake on the ground, and exerting a firm, downward pressure. If you have to resort to tools, use a mallet to drive a small stake into the ground to prepare a hole for the lamp, just as you might drill a hole in wood to make way for screws. It is not recommended that you use even a rubber mallet to pound on the lamp itself. Even if you unscrew the lamp and pound on the post, you risk bending the post or damaging the threads.

That's it. No muss, no fuss. You don't have to dig a two foot deep trench and lay down conduit to run cabling. You don't have to install a transformer and run cables under mulch and along fences. There's nothing for you to accidentally strike with lawn or gardening equipment except the fixture itself. That's true unless, as occasionally happens, the fixture involves a few wires.

Some solar lights come with separate solar cells that attach to the lights by wires. This is convenient if you need to put the lamps in a shady area. In this case, you can simply put the solar cell where the sun is and run the wires to where you want the lamps to go. The lamps can be installed in the same manner mentioned above. The wires can be buried under mulch or turf. But even here, the danger of breaking the wires is less because the wires aren't run for long distances.

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