Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Kit Installation

Low voltage lighting has come along way. The lamps are brighter than they used to be. And the kits have become so simple that even a basic do-it-yourselfer shouldn't be afraid to tackle them. They come with two piece connectors that make attaching the lamp to the main wire a snap. Most kits will have detailed instructions for how to set up the transformer, how to run the wires, and how to place the lights.

Some low voltage kits even include artificial bricks with the wiring inside. Snap the bricks together along a pathway, interspersing a light every so often.

To install your low voltage lighting kit, there are four simple steps:

Installing the Transformer

The transformer is the black or gray box that takes your home's 120 volts and converts it into a safe and useable 12 volts. Pick a place for this transformer that's near a wall plug and high enough up that it can't be interfered with by children or animals. The kit will have provided screws and possibly a mounting bracket to enable you to secure the transformer to the wall at this height. Don't plug it in yet.

Running the Cable

The cable should attach easily to the transformer if it doesn't come already attached. You can secure it to the wall with rubber coated electric staples. At ground level, set it under 4 inches of turf or at least 2 inches of mulch. Either way, pat the ground firmly over it so that it will settle into place. Leave an extra foot or two of cable at the far end to give yourself wiggle room.

Attaching the Lights

With the new kits, attaching the lights is a snap. Just take the end of the cable and use the two piece connector to attach it to the lamp. Stake the light into the ground or set it wherever you like.

Plugging It In

Now go back and plug in your transformer. The lights should all light up and your work is done.

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